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The Flymaster LIVE enables real-time flight monitoring-live tracking- over Google Earth to provide a significant increase in flight safety. GPS signals are captured by the device and positions of the pilot are transmitted by cell-network, before they are displayed on a live tracking website. Real-time tracking of paragliding flights has been proven in the USA using the US cell-phone network.

In addition to the configurable fields on the instrument itself, the LIVE allows the user to customize and define the layout of his instrument’s screen using Flymaster DESIGNER tool.

The LIVE incorporates restricted airspace features, further improving pilot safety.

A new structural design of the casing provides high strength and anti-glare protection of the screen


  • GPS with 50 channels, high sensitivity (-160 dBm), fast start-up (< 1 second Time-To-First-Fix for hot and aided starts ), 4 Hz position update rate
  • High contrast and resolution display (320×240)
  • High sensitivity ULTRASENSE variometer (resolution of 0.01 m/s)
  • Next to climb indicator;
  • “Data Logger” with capacity for up to 300,000 points including position, velocity and altitude (833h of flight with 10s interval)
  • Wireless interface for connection of air-speed probe, temperature probes, etc.
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery (up to 30 hours of flight).
  • 448 waypoints capacity


  • The GSM/GPRS module (Quad Band) of the Flymaster LIVE allows the connection to a remote server which provides live-tracking on GoogleEarth or other live tracking servers.
  • Other features will soon be available, for example:
  •  sharing of position and flight data with other pilots;
  • automatic sending of messages in case of incidents;
  • receipt of weather information, airspace, etc.;
  • receipt of alarm or security warnings or information.


  • The layout of the screen can be configured by the pilot, taking advantage of the Flymaster LIVE’s new graphic processor, which also allows gray scales and increased definition graphics.


  • Flymaster LIVE includes restricted flight areas features, including setting alarms approach, view of controlled areas and numerical data of its altitude.


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